L’OR Resellers

L’OR Resellers

L'OR BARISTA machines and L'OR coffee pods can be ordered in many countries and also found in the supermarket. L'OR coffee capsules are available in several supermarkets just around the corner from your home. Would you like to know where you can buy our products? We’ve listed several resellers for you so you know where to buy them.

We also deliver our coffee capsules to your doorstep in many countries. You can easily order the products from us online. In addition, there are many advantages to placing an order online such as:


Tesco L’OR coffee

Tesco is a huge international company with many supermarkets in the UK. Tesco is a large supplier of food and non-food related products. They have more than 3000 locations in the UK. Because this is a huge company, there are also many locations available in the UK where you can do your shopping. So, you don’t have to look far to find a Tesco location nearby. If the nearest location is still far away from where you are at the moment, you can also order the products online. The products will then be delivered to your home within 2-7 business days.


Tesco has L'OR Coffee products in their range so you can buy them in the shop. So, while you are getting your other groceries, you can also buy L'OR Capsules at Tesco. L'OR and Tesco have teamed up so you can buy L’OR coffee in the shop. Find your nearest Tesco location and get your L'OR Coffee pods. Online at L’OR you can find the full range of the capsules and many coffee accessories.


L’OR coffee Asda

L’OR and Asda have a partnership making it easy to buy L’OR products in an Asda store. Asda is a major supermarket chain in the UK where you can buy products like clothes but also food-related products. This department store is a great place to spend a day shopping. You can do your grocery shopping and buy new clothes as well, ideal for a whole day out. In addition, you can also buy L’OR pods at Asda. Ideal for if you live near an Asda store. With the many locations Asda offers, there is bound to be one near you. If this is too far away for you, you can order L'OR coffee capsule online on our website.


L’OR coffee Morrisons

Morrisons is one of the largest superstore retailers in the UK. We are very proud that L’OR pods are for sale at Morrisons. As well as selling food-related products, Morrisons also offers a huge range of other products. For example, they sell gardening equipment and furniture. The fact that they have many locations in the UK means that you can easily go to any one of them. If you need products like food and drink but also want to look for new garden furniture you can easily go to Morrisons. Sometimes they don't stock all L'OR products; so, if a product isn't in the shop you can easily order it online. Additionally, you will receive a 30% discount on your first order if you become a L'OR member and sign up online. This discount is only valid online and not in stores.


Your perfect drink

What you may have understood so far, is that the main difference between all these drinks is in the milk. The right texture and foam formation ensure the right taste in the mouth, but also how it mixes with the coffee and creates the unique taste of your drink. To make velvety foamed (micro foam), frothed or steamed milk, you need the steaming function of an espresso machine or a milk frother.
If you keep the following proportions in mind for your latte, cappuccino and flat white, you will create the perfect drink. Good luck!


  • Ratio milk and coffee: 1/3 espresso: double shot, 2/3 steamed milk (170 – 225 ml), 1 cm foam.

  • How to serve? In a cup/glass of 240 ml

  • Origin? America


  • Ratio milk and coffee: 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 frothed milk or micro foam

  • How to serve? In a cup of 150 - 180 ml

  • Origin? Italy


  • Ratio milk and coffee: Double shot of espresso, 2/3 steamed milk (with ideally micro foam)

  • How to serve? Same as a cup of cappuccino

  • Origin? New Zealand or Australia

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