All the varieties of espresso

From ristrettos and espressos to lungos and lattes, brew all your favorite coffee drinks - in double shots or two cups at once. Discover our full range of coffee drinks.


Double espresso capsules

L'OR BARISTA® double espresso capsules are specially designed for the L'OR BARISTA® coffee machine, thanks to a perfect combination between the machine and the capsule you can enjoy pure coffee pleasure.


Recognition of the double capsule

Preparing the perfect coffee drink is as simple as slipping a capsule into the L'OR BARISTA® coffee machine, which automatically recognizes the size of the capsule and doses the right amount of water.


Double Barista selection

With an intensity level of 13, the Double BARISTA Selection capsules are an ode to coffee: a deeply complex, pure and persistent ristretto taste experience. Immerse yourself in a world of strong flavors with a double espresso of this unique and powerful blend, or prepare two espressos to share.

Rainforest Alliance

All the varieties of espresso

With the exception of the L'OR BARISTA Grand Café Filtre, all of our L'OR® single and double capsules contain 100% UTZ certified coffee and and can be recycled for free if purchased on the L’OR website.

L'or Lungo Profondo12444

Lungo Profondo

Intensity 8

Rainforest Alliance

If you are Rainforest Alliance Certified, as we are at L'OR, then you have a label that indicates that their fair trade practices are being followed in those areas where rainforest grows. In addition, this certification also stands for the creation of a better environment. At L'OR we think that it’s important that the wellbeing of the workers is ensured, together with the protection of the rainforests. That is why L'OR is Rainforest Alliance Certified.


Recycling coffee pods has never been easier with the L'OR Podback recycling bag. With every order, you will receive Podback bags, to make sure that you can recycle the L'OR coffee pods after you have enjoyed your favourite cup of coffee.

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