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Coffee variety

Coffee variety

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    L'OR Flavours Bundle
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    L'OR Starter Bundle
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    Variety pack
    Lungo Bundle
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    Intense Bundle
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    Ristretto - 10 packs + Espresso Decaffeinato - 10 packs
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    Espresso Decaffeinato - 10 Packs
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    Ristretto - 10 Packs
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    Espresso Ultimo - 10 Packs
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    Lungo Profondo - 10 Packs
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Coffee variety packs

Enjoy one of the L’OR coffee variety packs to discover your favourite coffee capsules. You can discover the complete range of L’OR coffees with the Grand Assortment variety coffee pack. Our L’OR Coffee Artists combined the best coffee flavours in this Variety Pack. That means you can experience different aromas with 200 capsules featuring 20 different L’OR coffee varieties. From Ristretto to Espresso and Lungo capsules. The GRAND ASSORTMENT GRAND ASSORTMENT pack contains 200 single L'OR coffee pods.

Espresso coffee bean variety

Are you a fan of Espresso coffee capsules? In that case L’OR would like to introduce you to the espresso variety coffee pack. This coffee bundle contains all of our different Ristretto and Espresso capsules with different intensities. It features products like Espresso Splendente Espresso Splendente, this capsule has an intensity of 7 with delicate and well-balanced flavours. Espresso Onyx Espresso Onyx has an intensity of 12 and tastes a little spicy.

Origins: variation of coffee

Within the ORIGINS COLLECTION ORIGINS COLLECTION you’ll find the purest coffee flavours. Every coffee bean is influenced by the unique environment in which it's grown. Will you indulge in the enticing taste sensations of India sensations of India, be drawn in by our striking Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea blend, or give in to the allure of our aromatic Colombia arabica Colombia arabica?

Lungo coffee pod variety pack

Get acquainted with L’OR lungo coffee capsules lungo coffee capsules and try 4 different kinds of Lungo capsules, with different tastes and intensities. With the lungo pack you can discover your personal preferences within the Lungo range. Our Lungo Elegante Lungo Elegante capsules have a floral and fruity taste while the Lungo Profondo Lungo Profondo capsules taste intense and spicy.

Intense assortment coffee capsules

Do you prefer a strong and intense cup of coffee? Indulge in the L’OR selection of bolder coffees from our selection of strong coffee strong coffee. Not quite sure which flavour you’ll like best? We would like to give you an explanation of the different types of coffee. In our coffee types we explain coffee types we explain the different flavours of coffee and help you find the one that’s really right for you.

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