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The art of tasting

L'OR will reveal all of its secrets. From preparation to tasting, discover L’OR’s secrets for a unique coffee moment.


Storage & Preparing the coffee


Preferably use white sugar. Brown sugar, with its caramelised taste, changes the taste of the coffee. For a better development of the aromas, preferably use stoneware, earthenware or porcelain cups rather than glass or metal cups. Also consider pre-heating your cups.


Olfactory tasting in a cup

Did you know?

The sense of smell is one of the most important senses for becoming a coffee expert. In fact, 80% of the aromas are detected by your nose. Nearly 2000 components participate in creating the aroma of your coffee. Coffee experts have succeeded in identifying about 800, which still leaves a number of mysteries to be revealed... Hence why the smell of coffee has never been reproduced.


Mouth tasting

A multitude of aromas

By tasting your coffee, you can detect familiar notes, such as acidity, bitterness or even smoothness. Certain coffees also reveal spicy or floral notes as well as notes of red or dried fruits. On tasting, a good coffee is usually one which is full-bodied, balanced, velvety and intense rather than having a burnt taste, or an aggressive, bitter or gritty taste.

The experts taste the coffee without sugar or milk because these reduce the intensity of certain aromas such as bitterness.

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