✓ Large assortment in coffee

✓ Premium taste

✓ Responsibly sourced coffee


L'OR BARISTA Original Latte Piano Noir

L'OR BARISTA Original Latte Piano Noir

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The new L'OR BARISTA® coffee machine. Double espresso, double creations, infinite pleasure. Enjoy your coffee moments with the L'OR BARISTA® coffee machine.

● Prepare a double espresso or two espressos at the same time.

● The Double Espresso XXL L'OR BARISTA® coffee capsule has been designed exclusively for the L'OR BARISTA® coffee machine.

● The L'OR BARISTA coffee machine has been created to work with L'OR classic espresso capsules and L'OR BARISTA® XXL double espresso capsules, as well as with Nespresso®* capsules and most other compatible capsules, such as such as Café Royal®*, Carte Noire®*, Grand'Mère®, illy®*, Lavazza®*, Senseo®, and most supermarket brands.

● It includes a milk frother for caffeinated, milk-based drinks. The coffee machine works with single and double L’OR capsules

Works with single and double capsules

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What makes L'OR BARISTA® system unique?


Up to 19 bars of pressure allows you to enjoy barista-quality espressos at home.


Ristrettos, espressos, lungos, and even filter coffee and latte coffees: prepare all of your favourite coffees, in single or double version, or in two cups at the same time.


Exclusively compatible with the L'OR BARISTA® coffee machine, the new double capsules allow you to prepare a double espresso or two espressos at the same time.


The L'OR BARISTA® coffee machine is designed to work with both L'OR BARISTA® double and single espresso capsules and with Nespresso* compatible capsules. *Third-party trademark brand which is not affiliated in any way with JACOBS DOUWE EGBERT

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