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Try L’OR Espresso Lungo capsules

Would you like to enjoy the intense flavour of our delicious coffee even longer? Choose one of our new generation airtight aluminium lungo pods. Lungo is Italian for long, and indicates the longer extraction process compared to espresso. It includes the same amount of coffee, but is prepared differently. Try our best sellers L’OR Lungo Profondo, Lungo Elegante or the Lungo Estremo. Lungos use more water than espressos, so you can enjoy your delicious cup of coffee even longer. You’ll need a larger mug as well.

Why choose Lungo coffee?

Lungo coffee is a larger cup of coffee. The strength is comparable to that of a filter coffee, but will often have a bitter taste. Whether you like a delicate start of your morning or rather a full-bodied coffee, there is always a Lungo for you. With the Lungo capsules of L’OR Espresso, you can enjoy your coffee with one press on the button. Our carefully selected coffee beans ensure the ultimate flavour experience.

Not looking for Lungo? Have a look at L’OR Espresso, Ristretto, Decaf or all L’OR coffee pods.

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