What to do on Valentine’s Day: Breakfast in bed

No ideas for an original Valentine’s gift? We’ll help you through Valentine’s Day. How to start this day? This might just be the most romantic gift: breakfast in bed. Whether it’s a Valentine’s gift for him or her: this present must be a success. A breakfast is thé way to show how much you adore your loved one, but also the perfect moment to show you know the favourite type of coffee of your partner. And you know: this will make your partner smile.

Romantic breakfast: the ingredients of love

What makes your lover happy? Maybe it’s a luxurious champagne breakfast with fresh strawberries. Or perhaps you’ll only have to visit the bakery for a croissant, while brewing a strong cup of coffee. A great way to wake up and get ready for the day. Does your partner prefer a light breakfast? Think of yoghurt with fresh fruit, fresh orange juice and a cappuccino with a lovely foam layer. Choose his or her favourite type of milk: full cream, low fat, skim milk, soy milk, oak milk, almond milk or even coconut milk. Or perhaps some buttered toast with jam, or a sandwich with salmon, poached eggs and avocado. Actually, everything is possible. The most important question to keep in mind: what does your lover like the most?

Coffee for your valentine

Let’s keep the best for last: coffee! The ultimate test: do you know the favourite type of coffee of your partner? That must be true love.


Espresso or ristretto

Does your lover like a strong cup of coffee in the morning? We’d recommend L’OR Espresso Onyx: a powerful espresso. Rather a strong Lungo? Try L’OR Espresso Profondo, with an intense and spicy aroma. This will wake up your loved one. Serve with a tasty heart-shaped chocolate.


Filter coffee or coffee with milk and sugar

Regular filter coffee boring? Not at all? Be creative. Serve it with a luxury red napkin and add some coffee beans. Or serve the coffee with special sugar and creamy milk in a cute milk jug.


Latte macchiato

What looks better than a coffee glass with a delicious latte macchiato? She loves this coffee drink with layers of milk and espresso? Choose a strong espresso, like the L’OR Onyx mentioned above, to create the perfect latte macchiato. Serve with some fudge and add a drizzle of caramel syrup on top.



Does your partner always order a cappuccino? Make one at home! Sprinkle cacao on top with the help of a stencil and create a figure of your choice. True home barista? Try some latte art. Don’t forget to serve a small glass of water. Maybe add a small gift, for example a lovely flower. This will the finishing touch of your breakfast!

Loving latte art

Someone special deserves some special attention. Start practicing latte art. What kind of art? Yes, latte art! The art of creating figures with milk in coffee. Try to create a cappuccino with a heart of milk foam. Don’t know how to create cappuccino at home? We’ll help you with tips for the perfect cappuccino at home. These tips also include the heart latte art! Think about it: a breakfast with great coffee is the best Valentine’s day gift and the perfect start of this day of lovers.

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